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They started to plan your wedding and you want your wedding is unique and special you and your future spouse. There are traditions and superstitions that have become for the wedding ceremony, the bride, and what the bride wears in particular. Let's look at some of them.

Question: Is the color of the dress really matter?

Most brides wear white to symbolize virginity. White is also the symbol of purity and virginity. Cream and ivory are also acceptable colors andcarry the same symbolism as white.

Q: Are there rhymes about wedding customs?

There are different, but look at research, only two of them. And 'the family

1. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something new, and sixpence in the shoe.

This rhyme talks about wedding dresses of different colors and their meanings.

2. Married in white, you chose correctly. Married in blue, your love will always be true. Married in pearl, youlive in a vortex. Married in brown, you live in the city. Married in red, then you want to be dead. Married in yellow, ashamed of your colleagues. Married in green, ashamed to be seen. Married in pink, sink your mind. Married are gray, go away.

What types of clothes are appropriate at different times of the day?

A formal wedding day, when the bride is a white, ivory or pastel colored floor long dress has a train and a longVeil.

It would be a formal evening wedding, the bride of the same type of clothes for the day of formal wear, but with more elaborate and train in the tissue.

For one day, semi-formal wedding, the bride usually wears a white or pastel colored floor or tea-length dresses with elbow-length veil or not.

For a semiformal evening wedding a more accurate and fabric finishes can be used, but the dress and the veil is the same for the semiformal wedding day.

At a wedding informalThe bride may wear a white or pastel colored floor or tea length dress. But it could also bring an elegant dress. A short veil or a hat is optional.

D. Why is the groom threw the garter to achieve?

It was assumed that the happiness of an article of clothing for the bride or a flower get, it was lucky. In the 14th Century Europeans gathered around the bride to try to remove her garter for good luck. To escape the bride would throw her bouquet into the crowd. Groomremoved her garter and throws over his shoulders in the crowd. The only person who catches the garter gets the privilege of the garter of the single woman who caught the brides bouquet.

Q: Do traditions exist in relation to the bride's shoes?

A tradition says that giving the father of the bride, the groom a pair of shoes for the bride to symbolize the transfer would be the responsibility of the doctor's daughter of the groom.

A bride wears a penny in a shoeensure that she and her husband have a lot of luck and prosperity.

Question: Why is it bad luck for a bride to wear pearls?

An old superstition from Mexico says that the bride should wear the pearls on her wedding day, why are the tears that weep during their marriage.

Q: What is the Dorothy Bag?

The Dorothy Bag was originally called Dolly and the bag was to be the bridesmaids. They were throwing full of confetti on the bride and groom after the ceremony. In mostModern times, however, the bride wore as Dorothy with her bag a small purse, some personal items. Most brides now lead the purse with a handkerchief a penny or fourth wife and will be used to carry cards and money so they can use on their honeymoon.

Question: Why is it that must have seen the groom, the bride in her gown before the


The groom was not his wife before marriage, because they believed that to understand that marriage is doomed to failure. Years agoMarriages were arranged and the couple has not set eyes on one another until after the ceremony. E 'state after the ceremony that the veil was lifted and were able to kiss the groom and the bride, the symbol of the beginning of a physical relationship. The reasoning was that if the groom saw his bride before the wedding and not what he looks like he could cancel the wedding. This has had the opportunity to divide the two countries or regions because marriages were often between tribes orCountries.

Question: Why some brides leave the last point aside until shortly before she is ready to leave for the wedding?

This derives from the superstition that it is bad luck for a bride to wear his full dress before the big day. Some brides leave the last point unturned to ensure good luck.

Question: Can I keep these traditions and superstitions?

No, of course, do not use it to make your wedding as its own. It might be interesting, althoughTheir vision of cultural history and see what superstitions or traditions might be unique to your heritage. The Celtics have many superstitions and traditions surrounding weddings and brides in particular. Religions of the world often have their own traditions, rites and superstitions. If you and your future spouse have a different heritage, it might fun to see if you can get some of each of your cultures should be used. This would be your wedding unique and probably fun.

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