dresses wedding : Lutheran Church accepts gay marriage

Gay marriage in church, is it compatible with Christianity? Yes, according to a majority of bishops and elected officials who run the Church of Sweden, a leading evangelical communities in the world. This landmark decision will be taken at the meeting on 20 October by a meeting of politicians. To the disappointment of the minority of evangelicals and Catholics for whom marriage is reserved for heterosexual couples.

Homosexual couples or transsexuals will soon be married in church in Sweden. More precisely within the Lutheran Church of the country. This is not a marginal community of ultra-liberal orientation, but a major church, formerly state history (directly after the Reformation in the sixteenth century) and the representative theory, according to its articles, an entire people. That's why the decision is historic. It will certainly inspire other churches across Europe. And it also causes the misunderstanding of many churches. The decision raises many theological issues and political debates, both within the Church of Sweden than in other churches engaged in ecumenical dialogue with the Swedish Lutherans.

How did this happen? To truly understand, one must first consider the political context and organization of the Church of Sweden, closely linked to political life in Sweden. In this Viking country, we resolved the issue of gay civil marriage this year. On 1 May a new law came into force introducing a design very special, probably unique in the world: marriage between two people is now "gender neutral" (sic). In the eyes of the legislature, there is no difference between a heterosexual couple, homosexual or transsexual. To the disappointment of some twenty members of the Christian Democrats (out of 349 seats), but the satisfaction of other MPs, left and right wing, this new law was passed in relative indifference media. It must be said that the union that homosexuals could contract previously was almost as beneficial - or binding - that marriage. And the actual number of applicants for homosexual marriage is not significant.

The real problem, politically speaking, is one of the churches. How? In Sweden, there is no secularism in French with a very strict separation. Virtually all churches and other religious communities in Sweden for example can legally marry couples unless they have to go via the city hall first. In return, the churches must obey the law. And that's where the rub: how to respect and how to enforce a law that says there is no difference between heterosexual couples and homosexual? Many churches have launched information campaigns on what marriage (see photo: paper of the Journal of the Church of Sweden on "Faith, Love and Marriage"). The overwhelming majority of churches and other religious communities see clearly that marriage is reserved for heterosexual couples for theological reasons. Thus the Roman Catholic Church, which comprises 1.5% of Swedes, and all the evangelical churches, where there are about 10% of the baptized (5-8% of the population), but 50% of those who claim "practitioners" in Sweden. For them, no question of marrying homosexuals. Referring to the French system (like ...), they would prefer outright waive the right to marry people rather than to change their theology on this point.

But the legislature, although very naive in his dealings with the churches, finally got to face facts: he would accept cases of conscience. So exceptions. The church received in extremis "right" not to marry gay couples who ask! The State asked only to churches (and their associations) to take a clear decision on the matter. Some very liberal churches - for example the small "Liberal Catholic Church" (sic), not to be confused with the Roman - have announced their intention to solemnize gay marriages. This immediately provoked a reaction from all those of a contrary opinion. Among Pentecostals, the head of the main federation said it would not tolerate one member church accepts the new. [...]

With gay marriage, the Church of Sweden will be more modern, more fashionable, more politically correct. She may be necessary, because there is greater world to worship on Sunday. But will there be a place for those who seek God, too? Will we still accept to read the Bible and the Bible? How exactly the Church of Sweden has she retained the few believers still going to worship every Sunday? Mystery. Many evangelical churches and the Catholic Church in Sweden should see their support rise in the coming months.
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